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Rehabilitation process at Turning Point .

Physical exercise to overcome lack of drive, laziness.

News session brings them back in touch with reality.

Music session to vent out their pent up emotions.

Group games increase their concentration, attention, and power of

Debates, extempore improve their communication.

Quiz sessions aware them of the surroundings.

Group therapy eradicates some common problems.

Assertiveness training

Role modeling and problem solving.

Vocational trainings like handicrafts, stitching, file making, pottery,
   computer  training (basic & advance), art, music.

Spoken English sessions

Cooking classes help them to become independent.

Given some responsibilities and duties at Turning Point

Given responsibilities at home (after discussion with parents).

Starts developing Self-care.

Learns Money management.

Cooking classes helps them to become self-independent.

Traveling Alone.

Role modeling of appropriate social skills & age appropriate behavior.

Individual counseling


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