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About Jhankar

Jhankar-A Turning Point initiative to satisfy customers with colourful trendy costume jewelleries. All the designs are unique. Many of the designs are not replicated too Designs are often custom made according to the need of the customers or keeping in view the apparel of the customers. Though this is the product that is visible, another invisible service is the transformation of the life of people suffering from mental illness, helping them, transforming them to produce & sell junk jewelleries to earn their own livelihood & get back their lost confidence.

The company’s main focus is to run a costume jewellery business where these jewelleries would be designed & produced by people suffering from chronic mental illness. The biggest challenge in today’s society is growing mental illness & marginalization of the affected individual. In this scenario, a change is needed for the betterment of these people in the minimum available resources. Research shows that the most important need of a person suffering from major psychological problems is earning a livelihood.

Even after treatment & rehabilitation often these people fail to get a decent job if they lack the educational background. Providing them with vocational training in a criticism-free environment creates a transformation of these individuals from lethargic depressed members of society to an energetic functional members again which also makes social inclusion possible.

The business would have a huge social impact as through these businesses they are transforming a sufferer from being a burden to society to an active contributory member of society. The relapse rate of mental illness decreases when the sufferer remains meaningfully engaged in work & this would be possible through this business. The economic impact of a country is also affected as in all countries people suffering from mental illness are either a burden on their parents or on their Government.

Economic Empowerment through the Initiative

Creating a world where people with disability have economic empowerment is our mission. People suffering from mental illness have been ignored, abused, neglected & are considered a burden to society. They have not been able to enjoy any human rights. Many spend their days in inhuman conditions. Economic empowerment increases their confidence & helps them to recover. Transforming these disabled people into performing members of society, and enjoying economic empowerment is possible if we can transform them into entrepreneurs so that they can earn their livelihoods & & live with self-respect. This helps to create confidence, increase their self-esteem, upgrade socio-economic status and promote recognition of and respect for disabled people’s rights. It also aware people of the immense potential that each individual is possessing & help an individual to respect human being irrespective of their caste, creed & disabilities.