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Ishita Sanyal - Founder 
 Secretery of Turning Point

 Various Awards received by   

Good Governance Award, 2011

Barbro Sandin Award, 2009
e- mental health challenge
  award, 2009

Feinsilver Award Winner 2003


Manthan Award winner 2007
eIndia Award,
Hellen Keller Award


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Cured and Rehabilitated Persons at
Turning Point

Disha Child Guidance and Care

The principal aim is to reinitiate development & growth in person suffering from mental illness, rehabilitate them socially & economically, fight against the stigma prevalent in the society & also making the sufferer aware of their Human rights & motivate them to fight for them.  


Exhibition of Jhankar - at hotel Sonar bangla
10th November, 2012 from 11AM-7PM
New rehabilitation center has been opened
Jewellery training in collaboration with MSME

Empowerment & Employability of people with mental
 illness (Download PPT).

Proposal AMENDMENT OF P.W.D. ACT, 1995
Employability and Increasing performance


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